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The All New & Enhanced BIKEWING Line Up

Where Strength And Functionality Meet

The BikeWing Brand carries two to four bikes of all frame styles and sizes only by the wheels with all new Bike, Board & Bag accessory options for expanded cargo storage availability. The V-rack design is light, easy to load and easy to use, weighing in at only 17Lbs for the BikeWing-2 and 40.5Lbs for the BikeWing-T4. Using patented Vme technology, BikeWing Racks are modular and sectioned for compact storage and rear trunk access while on the hitch. 

The lightweight BikeWing-2 fits 2 bikes of any size and can be hooked up to any 1.25" or 2" hitch. With all the incredible features of the BikeWing-2 included, the BikeWing-T4 carries four bicycles of all frames and sizes on a 2" hitch with a lightweight and modular design that is easy to load and offers rear trunk access. The tilt up design brings plenty of room for garage and parking clearance while the convertible frame can be converted into two separate 2-bike racks.

BikeWing accessories include weather-resistant BikeBag covers and LED light systems for increased visibility to make sure bicycles always arrive safe and sound. The BikeWing line also brings availability for storage and cargo that reaches far beyond bicycles with an expanded array of accessories. Using heavy-duty ballistic cloth the AerBag and the AerPack hang from the wings and allow for additional enclosed storage of almost anything while the PegBoard is designed to tighly carry snowbards, skis, ladders, you name it.






Large 17 cf AerPack Cargo Bag
[Summer 2017]
Weather-Proof BikeBag Cover
Side Saddle AerBag Storage Bag
[Summer 2017]
PegBoard With Snowboards
[Summer 2017]
Universal Bike Stand & Transport
[Summer 2017]