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Large 48" x 32" x 7" 18 ga. Steel Cargo Carrier with SEA Rated Reflectors and 7" High Walls. SUV and RV Approved.


48” x 32” x 7” - Fixed Mount

Extra Large 66" 24" x7" Hitch Cargo Carrier With Slide-Out For Rear Hatch Access. SUV and RV Approved.


66” x24”x7” - Slideout Mount

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Welcome to the BossMotiv™ Family

The Cargo Carriers You Can't Refuse


There's a new organization in town and these wiseguys are here to help with the hustle. BossMotiv Brand Carriers are flexing their muscles with unprecedented cargo protection using the leading SolidPan design created with 18 gauge solid steel construction.

The BigBoss is the capo bastone making sure your job goes as planned with a simple assembly and large 300 lbs weight capacity that can't be rubbed out. Even more impressive, the BossHogshows it's the GodFather cargo carrier with all the market winning features and accessories of BigBoss and lots more room and even more functionality.  This cargo carrier includes our TwinTube Slide-Out technology boasting 35” of added clearance for rear hatch access along with an LED light kit for added visibility.

The BossMotiv Family comes with a network of a quality "associates" and add-ons for gear coverage. Including our new HOODie covers and HideOut Bicycle Carrier options.   






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