Get It Right: Bike Transportation Practices to Avoid

April 10, 2015

Believe it or not, there is a proper way to get your bikes from A to B. Below, we show common mistakes found in loading and transporting your bikes on and off your bike rack.

If you purchase a bike transportation device, whether it's a bike box, enclosed carrier, or bumper rack, you expect your bicycles to arrive safely at their destination with little to no work. While essentially this is true, there's some things you need to know to avoid before you hit the open road.

2-Bike-Rack-Product-TipsFirst and foremost, you need to determine the design of your rack, which includes finding out the preferred method of loading your bike; most often times this will be by the frame. Although this is the most common practice, we've found that racks that are designed to transport by the wheels are much more secure. 

Bike-Rack-Loading-TipsDistribute weight equally. Set yourself up for success by loading your bikes evenly, this will help avoid sway and potential loss of goods.

Consider the elements. This might seem overly obvious but, keeping the potential weather hazards in mind never hurt anyone. The size and position that your bikes are in during travel can greatly affect gas mileage and drag.

A proven solution to common transportation problems is addressed by our VeeMe line of bike carriers. Our unique design eliminates almost all common mistakes by allowing users to load their bikes by the wheels. In turn, this reduces the risk of drag, sway, and risk exponentially. It doesn't stop there, feel free to load a bike of any size, shape, or frame. ALL of our racks are designed to handle it.

Want to take your bike transporation up a notch? Keep your bikes completely safe from the elements, learn more about this. 

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  • 2-Bike-Lightweight-Rack
    Unevenly distributed bikes can cause serious travel problems
  • Bumper-Bike-Rack-Lightweight
    Unsecure bikes and uneven loading techniques can cause loss of goods and drag
  • V2-2-Bike-Rack-Lightweight
    Our V2 2-Bike Rack easily transports up to 2 bikes of any size, shape, or frame
  • V4-Telescoping-4-Bike-Rack-Hitch-Mounted
    The V4 4-Bike Rack easily transports up to 4 bikes and telescopes outward for easy access to the hatch
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