Easy Bicycle Coverage for Your Winter Travels

November 04, 2017

Muddy Hideout Bicycle Carrier

It's our final installment in our in-depth soft cover series where we've taken a closer look at unique fabric enclosures designed to keep your gear dry and secure not only during cold weather months, but all year round. We've looked at storage options ranging from easy pull-over soft covers like the BossMotiv HOODie to the market's first-ever AerPack and AerBag cargo storage systems made for VRack bicycle carriers; now we turn our attention to provide solutions for the one cargo item that can sometimes seem impossible to keep clean while traveling... bicycles. 

Inspired by the needs of RVers, long distance travelers, and any cyclists who still keep peddling even when the shine isn't shinning, Let's Go Aero has created an exclusive set of Bicycle covers designed to keep bicycles clean and dry on a VRack carrier, no matter how far you go.

Inside BikeBag cover with two bikes BikeBag enclosure on Jeep Patriot

No More Mud
First-up in our bicycle cover duo and formed for use on any Let's Go Aero VRack bicycle carrier (both 2-bike & 4-bike), the BikeBag Bicycle Cover is a fitted enclosure that covers around the bicycle and VRack hitch carrier keeping bicycles dry and free of road grim, whether they are on the back of small sedan, large SUV or on the hitch of a travel trailer. Tailored with easy-to-use adjustment straps and buckles, the BikeBag cover pulls tight around bicycles reducing wind drag and helping to ensure your bicycles never come in contact with road grim or weather. For rear visibility, we've added bright Stop/Turn LED Taillights to the exterior of the bag to ensure your carrier is road safe and avoids damaging fender-benders during bad weather and poor visibility.

Stealthy Storage
Designed for users who need significantly more space and versatility than your average bicycle rack, the BossMotiv Hideout System is a discrete bicycle hauling system made exclusively for the BossHog Slide Out Cargo Carrier. Because of the Hideout system's rare position within the 6ft BossHog carrier, customers enjoy secured transport for their bicycles in an enclosed environment hidden from prying eyes with room to spare for extra gear and luggage that is easy access through an over-top zipper. More than just a soft cover, the Hideout system includes the BikeTree Storage Stand, a VRack storage system that support bicycles by the wheels; designed to keep bicycles upright and stable and without needing to remove the fron wheel for mounting, it can be removed to allow for enclosed storage of snowblowers, generators and other large equipment. 

Closed Hideout Carrier Hideout Carrier With Bikes

Thats's A Wrap!
Over the last three weeks we've covered ways secure, protect, conceal and enclose everything from cargo hitch carriers, to bike racks and even ways to jacket bulky bicycles. We hope we have helped find a solution for every all-weather traveler and cyclist who is looking for simple and straight-forward solutions to gear management that will work all year-round. If you would like more information on a specific product or your unsure which enclosure or cover solution is best for your carrier and vehicle contact us or call our office at (719) 630-3800 to learn more.

HOODie Open With Camping Gear GearBage Full With Open Hatch AerBag with Bikes

Questions? Comments? Contact us or call our office at (719) 630-3800 to learn more.

Stay Tuned!
In our next series, Let's Go Aero will be helping our followers with their holiday hustle as we recommend the perfect stucking stuffers and gift ideas for cyclist, RV'ers, campers and travelers alike. 

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