Jack-IT Two-Bike Carrier Hits the "Best Of" Airwaves

February 28, 2017

The aftermarket industry show circuit is on full force with national and regional distributor shows running January 2017 through the spring season.  Jack-IT is receiving outstanding recognition from industry experts.

RV Pro’s dedicated editorial team announces Best of Show to Jack-IT in their March 2017 magazine and media outlet. To read up on all the current news, we encourage you to view RV Pro's online edition. 

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New Product Award from Northwest Wholesale, January 2017 annual show hosts.

Jack-IT is new technology from Let’s Go Aero, providing a resounding solution to the dilemma of hauling bikes on the RV travel trailer. Rather than wonder how your bikes are holding up - or hanging on to the back of your travel trailer, the all new Jack-IT two bike carrier mounts your bicycles to the trailer’s A-frame where you can see and enjoy the benefits of improved gear management.

Jack-IT is sold through Lippert Components for the OEM application and for the aftermarket. For more information, see the Lippert Jack-IT brochure and Jack-IT Owner Manual


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