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Silent Hitch Pin from Let's Go Aero Provides Quiet, Stable Towing for All Hitches

April 03, 2015

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – For secure and motionless towing, the patented Silent Hitch Pin® from Let’s Go Aero is designed to provide peace of mind and peace and quiet for users of trailers and hitch accessories.

Silent-Hitch-Pin-TowingThe Silent Hitch Pin effectively removes shock loads and distracting noise by taking the movement out of the connection between the hitch receiver and the hitch accessory. Available for Class I, II, III and IV tow ratings, it keeps all hollow tow devices, including ball mounts for trailers and tow accessories like bicycle racks, secure and rattle-free. Several Silent Hitch Pin models support all hitch receiver sizes, including the all new two- and-a-half-inch locking model for GM and larger-body Toyota hitches.

Initially designed in 1999 as part of Let’s Go Aero’s hitch carriers to address the free-play inherent in the hitch connection, the Silent Hitch Pin technology was met with very positive consumer response. Over the past decade, several models followed and sold in individual blister packs to retailers across the country, along with issuance of four patents.   

According to Marty Williams, president of Let’s Go Aero and the designer of the Silent Hitch Pin technology, “The elegance of the Silent Hitch Pin is its simplicity and universality. In a nutshell, it works to ‘freeze’ any hollow ball mount or accessory in any receiver, made by any manufacturer, at any time. It is completely adaptable, and no special drill holes or hardware are required.”

The product is easily removable if the owner wants to switch to a standard pin and clip, or to move it between ball mounts and other hollow hitch mounted accessories, and is crafted of high-quality, chrome-coated steel for corrosion-free performance. To learn more about the Silent Hitch Pin, visit or call 877.GO.4.AERO (464.2376).

About Let’s Go Aero

Established in 1998 and headquartered in Colorado Springs, CO, Let’s Go Aero is the inventor, manufacturer and distributor of unique patented and patent-pending outdoor lifestyle products. Let’s Go Aero’s creativity and high standards of excellence carries through all aspects of its business, from product design and customer service to responsiveness to market needs. 

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