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Silent Hitch Pin-SHP2040
New Design Enhancements

Let's Go Aero's patented Silent Hitch Pin® has a new 2018 update with all new 90 degree right angle lock. This Silent Hitch Pin provides all the same anti-rattle & distraction-free features that removes virtually all horizontal movement with a new design.

Silent Hitch Pin® Locking Anti-Rattle Device

Let's Go Aero's patented Silent Hitch Pin® is a anti-rattle and vibration device that takes virtually all movement out of the vehicle's towing system connection.

Doug Meyers From 4x4 TV Reviews Silent Hitch Pin

Doug Meyers from 4x4 TV runs through the operation & function of our Silent Hitch Pin made to eliminate the distracting noise and movement associated with the receiver hitch and towing.