Trailer Manuals

LittleGiant Torsion Trailer

LittleGiant Trailer Assembly & Operation Manual

This 3/4 ton truck bed LittleGiant Trailer is built for over-drive with lightweight performance-driven features and 7ft pick up bed design for unlimited uses and modular expandability.
LittleGaint Leveler Kit

Leveler Kit for LittleGiant/SPEC OPS Trailer/Campers 

Secure catch release mechanism allows for each jack to fold & extend down or up; jacks are mounted in a nested position underneath carrier in secure, reclined position for transit. 
LittleGaint Soft Tonneau Cover

Seal Skin Tonneau Cover For LittleGiant & Spec Ops Trailers

The Seal Skin Tonneau Cover is a easy install, trailer cover with a lightweight and waterproof material design custom tailored for LittleGiant and Spec Ops Trailers.
Fender Upgrade Assembly.jpg

Fender Upgrade Installation for LittleGiant Trailers

Available Fender Upgrade and Replacement Kit for Legacy LittleGiant Torsion Trailers. *Call for product availability on specific model of LittleGiant Trailers.
D-Ting Tie-down Combo Kit

Tie Down Combo 4-Pack For LGA Trailers

Tie down hardware system for attachment point positioning along the C Channel tracks integral to all Let's Go Aero trailer models (GearWagon, LittleGiant Trailers & Spec Ops).
Sideload Kayak Racks For LittleGaint Trailers

Side Load Kayak Rack for LittleGiant & SPEC Ops Trailers

This boat, board, and ladder rack offers a convenient waist level mount for side loading and transport, with full use of trailer bed interior for cargo and ability to further accessorize your Trailer.
Custom fit for the 7 foot LittleGiant and Spec OPs trailers, the HexCap cover is lightweight, highly weather-resistant (not water-proof), and easy to operate for hassle-free protection of all kinds of gear.
Covert the LittleGiant or SPEC OPs Utility Trailers into Pop-up Campers using the Decking Camper Conversion Kit. Easy install decking panels increase the livable space inside of the trailer and allow for installation of either the TreeHaus or SummitHaus Tent.