A TwinTube Technology Profile

November 26, 2017

There’s never been a hitch based platform mount before the TwinTube™ came along. TwinTube was conceived to solve the stability issue with hitch racks, which like to tilt, rock, and rattle. These industry standard style racks are designed with a single tube that runs from the hitch connection rearward for overall structural load support, with a mesh or basket style rack affixed.

Just as the name implies, TwinTube uses a dual tube structure for improved strength and stability by way of an innovative design that stems from the standard single tube hitch connection point. Once attached to the hitch, the structural platform rises and separates into two rearward extending tubes with cross channels for the ultimate balance, load support, and great ground clearance.

H00901TwinTube-05WR copy.jpgThe two cross wings (41in C-channel tracks) affix to female slide tubes using brackets clamps, rendering slide-out function (over their fixed male tubes) and adjustability to accommodate load positioning along the female tubes, and the two Silent Hitch Pins included remove the free-play that create distracting noise and rattle.

TwinTube UBI On RV Camper With BikesAnd here we have our TwinTube UBI™. UBI stands for U-Build-It, a complete framework designed to empower the user to apply their own device, including aftermarket bicycle and motocross trays, cargo boxes, generators, you name it.

In fact, TwinTube is analogous to a computer operating system, only for the hitch. TwinTube supports all Let’s Go Aero slide-out featured cargo carriers. Plug and play with our TwinTube UBI product offering, or from our selection of complete cargo racks and enclosed storage box carriers.


Open with Generators.jpg

Our TwinTube technology is especially important for RV towables, which are the most demanding of tow environments where far more jostling happens than behind a motorized vehicle. TwinTube’s weight balancing and stability design attributes are essential to performance success on fifth wheel and travel trailers.

Back in 2002, Let’s Go Aero’s TwinTube won the GMC Professional Grade Award at the SEMA auto show for Best SUV Accessory. A new cutting-edge technology in the midst of the booming SUV and truck accessory industry.


GMC Award

TwinTube has since evolved in profoundly simple ways, yet little has changed at the core. The best is always the simplest, and in the simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. In 2017, Let’s Go Aero assimilated its popular GearCage® hitch racks, along with new product introductions, with its newest TwinTube based Flat Pipe™ design, delivering slide-out function and superior strength and stability performance for all consumption interests.


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