VRack Ski and Snowboard Fit Guide

February 01, 2019

Let’s Go Aero’s VRack line of bicycle carriers hold an astounding load of skis and snowboards using the Pegboard adaptor kit.

BikeWing-2 & PegBoard With Skis & SnowBoards

It’s all in the V. This simply elegant technology is loaded with possibilities for ranging gear and surface applications. Case in point with the Pegboard adaptor kit for ski and snowboard transport.

Pegboard is a kit that includes four soft cushion round “pegs” and two adjustable rubber straps. The pegs install and adjust along the V-wing support arms with attachment pin clips. By stacking two kits on each side of the V, any VRack model will hold as many as four Pegboard Kits.

BikeWing-2 & PegBoard Mountain Life BikeWing-2 & PegBoard With Hatch Open

A recent family ski excursion to Breckenridge Colorado called for both downhill skis, back country skis, and snowboards. Very quickly, a group of four can find themselves needing carrying capacity for eight or more boards of one kind or another.

And herein is the beauty of the V. All VRack models in the Let’s Go Aero product portfolio are designed with universal form for applying any Bike, Bag, and Board accessory offering. By removing the rack’s wheel cradles and attaching the Pegboard, the bicycle carrier transforms into a ski and snowboard rack.

Up to four Pegboard kits (sold individually) fit on a two bike VRack carrier. On the BikeWing-2 model shown, two Pegboards are attached to each side of the V. Each Pegboard carries up to two sets of skis or two snowboards. Multiply by four Pegboard accessory kits for a sum total of up to 8 sets of skis or 8 snowboards.

BW2 & PegBoard 3 v2 WRBikeWing-2 & PegBoard With Skis & SnowBoards BikeWing-2 & PegBoard With Skis, SnowBoards, Bike

With a diverse array of outdoor equipment available for winter play, snow country calls for fat bike riding just as much as skiing. With the VRack, both kinds of gear are easily accommodated at once. One side for a bike, the other side for up to 4 skis or 4 snowboards.

BikeWing-2 & PegBoard With Skis & SnowBoards In Front of Mountain

The possibilities are limitless. Follow Let’s Go Aero VRack news for more tips and insights on how to manage your gear. Let’s Go There.


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